Westholme Teas from Vancouver Island…


We were delighted to discover that there is a company in Canada growing and producing some of their own teas. Cowichan Valley’s Westholme Teas on Vancouver Island is redefining the ancient art of tea drinking - both for personal wellness and as a source of finding a connectedness to others and their surroundings.

We carry a wide variety of the different types of Westholme Teas; green, white, black , herbal... matcha. Beautifully packaged, Westholme Teas make lovely gifts. Hand crafted, and hand blended, you will appreciate their artisanship. Come in and browse our selection… and stay for a cup of tea.

come in and sample the westholme line of teas

Gunpowder tea - from Westholme Teas

Gunpowder tea - from Westholme Teas

finding balance - one cup of tea at a time

Victor Vesely and Margit Nellemann, founders of the Westholme Tea Company espouse a lovely philosophy, one that invites connectivity to place, people and time...

"We take pride in cultivating our home-grown leaves, blending the finest organic and biodynamic teas from carefully sourced farms, and hand-crafting ceramics to accompany the flavours. This holistic craft invites a deeper connection with ourselves and with nature. For centuries, tea has been ceremonial and ritual, as it is also personal. Tea has a unique power to heal, transform and soothe. Our teas enhance these experiences by creating space to breathe and find balance in busyness. Whether you’re creating that space for peace in solitude or community, tea is a celebration of truly being connected."



Hand Blended Westholme Teas

In North America fifteen US states are currently growing tea and only one Canadian province; British Columbia.

At the Purple Hemp Co we are proud to be one of the distributors of Westholme Teas from Cowichan Valley - where the farm grows their own tea as well as importing other blends from around the world.

Westholme Tea farm pictured right


Westholme Select Tea Blends

Inspired by the classic Japanese Kukicha style of tea making and Westholme’s Canadian terroir, the company has created an amazing new tea appropriately called Maple Quail’s Nest. (pictured top row right)

Come and sample more of the Westholme Teas product line at Purple Hemp Co.

Westholme Teas - Cowichan Valley tea plantation