The inspiration behind the Purple Hemp Co.

Chris and Elaine Nuessler, Kyla, Courtney and Jarod Williams

Kyla, our granddaughter is our inspiration in life. As a result of complications from epilepsy and various related treatments – at seven years of age, she does not walk or speak.

The journey with Kyla has been anything but easy - in earlier years having to endure watching her suffer 300+ seizures in a day. Yet today here we are thanking our lucky stars for Kyla. This angelic child who has never uttered a word, has brought us so much and in turn responds to the love she feels in abundance from all of us. (When grandpa Chris tickles Kyla he is rewarded with a shy grin.)

Kyla now goes to school and we can tell from the uplift in her energy that she relishes the interaction with the other children. She is in the privileged position of being the only epileptic child in the class yet rather than her presence being disruptive - the other children are learning their own lessons from dealing with a child so different than they are.

We could not ever have imagined how our lives would improve so much and be so rewarded by having this sweet girl join us on earth. It is such a privilege to have Kyla at the center of our story - and it is this story that was the inspiration for both Kyla’s Quest and the Purple Hemp Co.