Medical Cannabis Consultants


Medical Cannabis Consultant

Elaine Nuessler

Elaine is the co-founder of Kyla’s Quest: Medical Cannabis for Sick Kids. Her work with this non-profit has lead her to advocate for the medical use of cannabis for all people as well as for the many children who suffer from debilitating afflictions such as epilepsy. Through her granddaughters experience, her own personal experience as well as her further education, Elaine knows that medical cannabis is an effective and natural form of relief without the risk of harmful side effects.

For nearly a decade Elaine has been educating herself with the ongoing medical cannabis research information and can answer questions such as “What is the Endocannabinoid System?” “Is medical cannabis covered through healthcare or extended health benefits?” “Can I take CBD without getting high?” “What is my recommended dose?”

Call Elaine today at (778) 516-0089 for an appointment to find out how medical cannabis can help you.

Registered Pharmacist

Tim Dyer

Tim Dyer is a Registered Pharmacist from Penticton who has spent the majority of the last 10 years working at the Pharmsasave in Summerland.

Tim is now following his interest in medical cannabis and is providing dedicated education and information for patients. He takes a particular interest in medical cannabis and potential drug interactions to ensure patients can safely use cannabis as medicine.

We are working with healthcare practitioners in the Okanagan and Vancouver - our goal is to help you obtain access to safe, effective medical cannabis through our affiliates who are accredited and government approved licensed producers (LP’s).

Email Tim Dyer at (250) 809-1986 to discuss your medical cannabis usage in combination with pharmaceuticals or a protocol for advanced conditions combining his pharmaceutical education with cannabis.

registered nurse/ cannabis consultant

Carrie Allen

When she first heard the words “Endocannabinoid System” it was after completing her nursing degree. She thought “Is this for real? How is it that, as an RN, I’ve never heard of this bodily system?” Her curiosity got the best of her & so began her education into this vital & fascinating system and how phyto-cannabinoids including cannabis interact with it.

After examining the research it became clear that most healthcare professionals lack up-to-date information regarding cannabis & it’s medicinal uses. However patients are not waiting for their healthcare providers to become informed. While interest in medical cannabis is growing rapidly, lack of education among healthcare professionals regarding its use has left patients & families to navigate through the vast amount of information on their own. Many patients could benefit greatly from guidance in understanding how medical cannabis might address their individual healthcare needs. 

“As a cannabis nurse educator and consultant, my aim is to help patients obtain the information they require to make informed decisions regarding medical cannabis use as it pertains their unique healthcare needs. My multidisciplinary healthcare background allows me to offer a holistic approach to educating, advocating & supporting my clients to achieve their health & wellness goals.” 

For appointments with Carrie Allen email, text or call 778-214-7838