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Welcome to the Purple Hemp Co.

Our primary goal is to assist our clients with their medical cannabis journey.

We provide a comfortable, relaxing environment for those wishing to learn and explore the possibilities of this natural herbal medicine, while breaking down the barriers of years of misinformation and stigma.

Our passion and inspiration come from the many people we work with on a daily basis showing such amazing resilience and positive results.

Purple Hemp Co staff are well informed and can provide you with basic information and direction. Our team of consultants will take you to the next level, providing you with in-depth information, a protocol, and follow-up for continued care. We are fortunate to have other professional consultants and practitioners to provide you with further natural healing options

Everyone has a story and we are here to listen.

For retail we carry the highest of quality products in our shop focusing on hemp and natural foods, natural skin products and herbs for healing.



you are not alone

Medical cannabis is not a miracle nor is it a cure. It is a chance for a better quality of life. We will help you navigate the step by step process.

Chris and Elaine Nuessler - co-owners
Purple Hemp Co.


Cannabis Oil Treatment for Epilepsy - Our Story

For Chris Nuessler, a retired RCMP officer, awareness concerning the healing properties of hemp and cannabis only came about after a long search for something that could relieve his granddaughter's epileptic seizures which numbered 200 to 300 a day. His stigma-driven and legal opinions did a 360 degree turnaround when Kyla went down to one or two seizures every couple of months thanks to her treatments hemp oil.

Watch our video for a better idea of our philosophies and to learn more about the Purple Hemp Co. store itself.


Our primary focus to provide you with science-based information will assist you in making informed and intelligent choices about medical cannabis. We will help you with your journey of finding your way to better health and quality of life.


Our Mission Statement

Purple Hemp Co has realized the growing need to normalize hemp and cannabis as a daily health regimen by providing science based information and education to eliminate the stigmas surrounding these naturally occurring plants.

Our retail store provides a calm zen-like space for customers of every age and lifestyle to shop for a wide range of hemp products together with other natural health products.

Purple Hemp Co is a place where one feels comfortable talking and learning about cannabis as medicine without fear of judgement. 

The onsite Practitioners offer natural healing through their individual specialties. A Far Infrared Sauna is provided for relaxation while offering deep wellness.

Our integrity ensures that Purple Hemp Co provides the highest quality products and services.

Purple Hemp Co is a customer-driven business.

Purple Hemp Medical Cannabis Consultants

Our consultants will help you in your journey to wellness through the use of medical cannabis. For a detailed profile on each of our three specialists please see our Medical Cannabis Consultants section.


Meet Our Practitioners

Each of the practitioners at Purple Hemp comes to us highly skilled in their particular area. They contribute to our overall holistic approach - and are an important part of your overall health. Contact them through their individual profile for an appointment today…..


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Our amazing staff will greet you as you enter our welcoming environment… not hard to imagine why we won Summerland’s “Best New Business Award”.

Each warmly invites you in to learn more about medical cannabis and to assist you as you browse our hemp products. They are also expert smoothie operators ….


our mandate

We attack the many human ailments and conditions through a myriad of ways – in our deep wellness centre; Far Infrared Sauna, and Harmonic Arts herbal supplements, phyto-cannabinoids from cannabis, combined with a positive attitude approach, diet, exercise and whole-food nutrition. Being in an engaged process helps reduce pharmaceuticals and works towards natural wellness.


Deep wellness

At Purple Hemp Co. we promote healthy lifestyles and positive living. A holistic approach is truly the only way we can find success when working back to wellness.


our Smoothie bar

Our smoothies are made from the best organic ingredients. Our customers return often to treat themselves to these nirvanic taste sensations.

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The ultimate in chocolate

Frank Halbauer, our partner from Vanuatu, brings in the utterly scrumptious Gaston Chocolates to Purple Hemp. The chocolatier is a heralded chocolate maker from the tiny island of Vanuatu. Stop by for a taste of Gaston chocolate – it is truly from another world.


A taste for something different

Potent and addicting fair-trade Vanuatu coffee and Volcanic Earth products are at the Purple Hemp store in Summerland.


All things Purple Hemp

Drop in to Purple Hemp Co in Summerland and check out our hemp products, natural foods, natural skin products and herbs for healing.